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Gujarat - October 2017

Carpets Village SceneWomen Only Tour

Ahmedabad, Zainabad, Bhuj, Little Rann of Kutch. Popular with lovers of wildlife, textiles, crafts and wonderful artisans. Calico Textile Museum & Gandhi's Ashram.

A 7 day extension to Rajasthan is available on this tour. (Additonal cost)

Kutch in North Western India is a haven for artisans of many varied descriptions.

Generally Kutch is not easily accessible, but travelling in a small group, in our own vehicle, we take you to areas off the beaten tourist trail.

Description: Kutch, Gujarat


In Ahmedabad we visit the world famous Calico Textile Museum and Gandhi's Ashram which is set on the banks of the Sabarmati river. This was Gandhi's retreat during the long struggle for India's independence and also from where he set out on his famous salt march.

Kutch with its colourful people, historic towns, unbelievable textiles and embroidery, has much to offer and we see artisans at work on a variety of crafts. Here live the Rabari, a nomadic people, who travel long distances with their camels. For centuries the Rabari women have woven and embroidered textiles, not only as a demonstration of their creativity, but as a record of their every day lives.

Little Rann of Kutch

During your visit to Zainabad, in the Little Rann of Kutch, you will be staying in a desert camp, but don't be fooled by the word camp. You will be staying in a comfortable 'kooba', which is a round en-suite cottage. From here we got into the heart of the Rann to see the wildlife in their natural habitat including the wild ass which is fast becoming endangered.

Fire Boy Dyeing
Traveller Weaving Coloured Threads

Having travelled here for many years, we feel privileged and honoured to take you to tribal people for a fascinating insight into a fast disappearing lifestyle. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to witness their culture.

Asses Grazing Ladies
Lady with weaving machine Man working loom


Itinerary / Route

A Ahmedabad. > B Zainabad. > C Bhuj. > D Rann. > C Bhuj. > B Zainabad. > A Ahmedabad.

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