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About Tiger Travel

So how did it all start?



Lynn Baker - OwnerLynette Baker is the owner of Tiger Travel. Her Father was in the Royal Air Force and living in Hyderabad. As a child she can remember him telling her stories about the country which she never forgot. In particular that India would teach her a lot. So as soon as she was old enough to travel on her own, India was the number one country on her list and it didn't disappoint.

She first visited India in 1976 and has been going to India ever since! Eventually, Lynette realised that there was a niche in the market for women only tours and so began Tiger Travel. These tours were and are very popular as women often find it difficult to travel alone. But, over the years additional tours have been added to her portfolio which are for mixed groups, specialist groups and bespoke.

Over the years Lynette has made many friends in India from all walks of life, which has resulted in her gaining access to places, people and areas most other tour operators cannot reach. She considers this to be an honour and a privilege and one that she does not abuse.

Lynette’s other passion is photography. As a photo-journalist her photographs have been widely accepted in newspapers, magazines and books. Her exhibitions have included a display in Malaysia for the Queens visit and the Commonwealth Insititute, London when India was represented. More recently Lynette held a photographic exhibition in Andalucia.

Some years ago she was fortunate enough to accompany a team of climbers in the Karakorams, Pakistan as the team’s photographer. Not only to capture the environment and stunning surroundings but their eventual summit. She now lives part of the year in India and the other in southern Spain.

India is a photographers dream as there is a photograph to be captured every minute of every day. Her book 'Moments In Time' represents a pictorial essay of India in all of her glory both past and present. This can be viewed by clicking on the following link


Elaine CrawshawAs a busy lawyer Elaine Crawshaw first visited India in 1993, but little did she realise just how much it was about to change her life. Tiger Travel has a slogan which is ‘Discover India – Discover Yourself’ and this is exactly what happened. Within 3 years she had given up the day job to join Lynette.

During the period prior to joining Tiger Travel, Elaine spent her spare time
working with a women’s group which had formed to collect and take vital aid to former Yugoslavia. This involved twice driving trucks throughout the war torn country to hospitals, schools and children’s homes.

Both Elaine & Lynette have been involved in raising awareness and funds for several projects in India. They helped with a school in Gujarat which desperately needed funds for children of the salt pan families. Due to the distance involved the children had to live in and attend a small school which has since become a success and is no longer in need of funds. Self sufficiency is always their aim and their long term goal.

A second project in Rajasthan involved them supporting local village women who were already working in a co-operative making traditional Indian clothing and accessories. This involved both Elaine & Lyn setting up a voluntary organisation which resulted in two experienced English sewing teachers spending three months in India, training them in additional skills.

They are now both looking forward to working with another project in Rajasthan which involves animal rescue and husbandry, together with an education programme for the local families and their children.

Elaine has been to India several times over the years but is now really looking forward to spending more time in the country with Lynette on their new approach to travel. These will not be tours as such, but rather a taster, an Indian experience, with a view to enabling people to see if they could spend some of their retirement time living in India.

When not travelling in India she lives in southern Spain and is the main administrator for Tiger Travel.

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Discover India - Discover Yourself

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